Project Managment (SUG673) -Assignment-

Ipoh-Padang Besar double-tracking and electrification project

date proposed :  2002
location : continuation of the rawang-ipoh double tracking and electrification project
Main Contractor : Gamuda Berhad and Malaysian Mining Corporation Berhad.
Type of Contract : Design And Build
cost of the project :  RM12.485 Billion
route : Overall Length - 329 Km
  • sector 1 : kedah line - 158 km Bukit mertajam-  padang besar
  • sector 2 : mainline - 171 Km (butterworth - ipoh)

                                                                  management of project route


complete : 2000
status : in use
location : kuala lumpur
structural type : frame structure
function : office building
architecture : hijjas kasturi associates
contractor : Daewoo parembaa
The indoor HVAC system uses the floor based HVAC, which is very suitable for office environments.Further more the height saving that such systems can achieve offer savings in construction materials required to construct a building and thus the embodied energy and running energy can be reduced.The flexibility and ease of maintenance make such systems extremely attractive to Facility Managers and owners.The complex also includes a theatre able to seat a 2,500 audience, a large prayer hall (surau) and a sports facility. A unique feature of the tower is its 22 open skygardens alternating every three floors

Sultan Mahmud Power Station (kenyir dam)

location: Terengganu malaysia
length : 800 metres 
height : 150 metres
construction start : 1978
opening date : 1988
maintained: Tenaga Nasional Berhad

     the original survey for the project was in1972 the construction was started in 1978 and was completed in 1985. In 1987 the whole project was officially opened by his Royal Highness The Sultan of Terengganu Darul Iman and was named after the baginda Sultan "Sultan Mahmud Hydro Electric Power Station".
The main project site is located at Kuala Kenyir (about 55km from Kuala Terengganu). The main features of Kenyir Hydro Electric Project are a rock fill dam with 400 megawatts of generating plant. During the construction period, two temporary diversion tunnels were built for the purpose of diverting the rivers.
    The normal capacity of the lake store is 13.6 billion cubic metres of water. Whereas the deepest point is 145 metres deep. This power station complex building can produce 100 MW (megawatts) power units which can be supplied through out Malaysia. Normally the daily operation operates at a continuous power output of 165 MW and its average annual output is 1600 GWh (Giga watt hours).